I couldn’t be more delighted by the descriptions from audiences and critics alike. Words like: ~ magical, spellbinding, esoteric, moving, theatrical, uncategorical, eclectic, unique, fresh sound, solid, grooving ~ This group started with an exploration, a question. “Would you be interested in writing music to some of my poems?” (The Wizard, Obsession, Hey You!, More, Than Matter)
JuzzFlirtin is a description of my experience with the audience and the creative process. Voice is traditionally the human element that guides new ears toward digesting an abstract concept like music. Words and Music together have the potential to create great emotion.
What a curiosity that over the last year listeners that do pass through our audiences want to tell us personally how they were ‘triggered, confused, elated, brought to tears, got goose bumps, became quiet’… and so forth. WOW! I want to share that with as many people as possible. That’s the presence of life!
JuzzFlirtin for me is not only a sound of a band. It is not, the presence of “scatting” or complicated chord structures. We aren’t trying to BE a type of music to win commercial success. It goes against the grain to do something that doesn’t fit into a box. We are focused on honesty and what moves our ears, our hearts, what lies in our intutition, beyond our training. Just flirting is in the working process, and our communication on stage.
JuzzFlirtin is to take Dirk’s unusual melodies and find words that match the mood he creates (Butterfly, The Voice, Dig It) and vice versa. JuzzFlirtin is planting seeds of thought and seeds of emotion and water it all with music and performance. Repeatedly until a sprout grows

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